Matthew Ewald

Matthew Ewald

• Actor • Filmmaker • Life beats down & crushes the soul. Art reminds you that you have one.

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About Matthew Ewald

I like to say that within my career I have battled for the fate of worlds, just as I have seen the other side of nightmare. But the less poetic word-play is: acting is my oxygen. I have been beyond fortunate to have earned my living at it for over 22 years, to have been a part of over 100 Film / TV productions, to even have LEGO action figures based on my likeness. I have done voice work on scripted Podcast Productions, as well as on multiple video games through PC, Playstation & XBOX consoles.

What Matthew Ewald is looking for

When I'm asked "what am I looking for?" my answer is unfaltering. I want to make an audience FEEL something. I want to be a part of creative visions that remind us why we not only fell in love with stories and tales told, but why we dared to dream in the first place...why we chase the stars. I want to help give that feeling one gets when you're the first in line to buy a movie ticket. How once you do, it's as if theater magic were making it warm from where it was just torn. As if it held a whisper of a promise that something grand awaited you. That the escapism and adventure felt, that all those journeys and genres BELONGED to YOU...because acting is my oxygen, and I wanted to take a breath of what I love, to help explore the depths of genre and character in the hopes of making an audience FEEL something...even if only a little. 

  • @CircusPot

    Matthew was spectacular, he understood the role immediately and got it right on his first try. He was a pleasure to work with and not to mention with his dedication towards the project and how he wanted to see people's creative visions come to life