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About Lili

About the Voice Actress:

Heya! I'm Lili! I'm a Chinese individual who loves voice acting and singing!

I started singing in 2023 and have been voice acting since 2021!

My favorite projects to look for are Anime/Manga dubs, webtoon dubs, Project Sekai, Paradox Live, Alien Stage, MILGRAM, and Genshin Impact!


I am fluent in both English and Chinese although I am illiterate when it comes to reading and writing Chinese (i'm working on it :,D). I can speak/sing in Japanese although it may carry an accent! I'm currently trying to learn Korean!

I do translyrics! Chinese -> English and Japanese -> English!

I can make videos as long as there's not a lot of complicated effects! (music videos you see for VOCOLOID songs).

»»────── « ⋅ ☾ ⋅ » ──────«       

Age: 15-20

Time Zone: EST

Voice: (F/M) Child ~ (F/M)Teen ~ (F)Young Adult

Voice Pitched: High ~ Mid-High ~ Mid

Singing: Alto

I have a natural medium voice with a bit of a childish sound to it so I can easily pull off an androgynous male!

»»────── « ⋅ ☾ ⋅ » ──────««

« ⋅ Discord: kelpp._.




I do not expect to be paid if it's a free project! 
If possible, a recommendation here would be enough and appriciated! ^^ 


I plan on opening art and video commissions soon! 

What Lili is looking for

Genshin Impact


Project Sekai 

Paradox Live

Anime/Manga dubs

Webtoon Dubs

Alien Stage

(I love projects that include both singing and voice acting! ^^)