Amaya McCormick

Amaya McCormick

Female Voice Actor | Writer Who Specializes In Poetry | Content Creator | My Website: | My Discord: LexieDreamstate

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About Amaya McCormick

Hi Everyone! My name is Amaya McCormick, but I'm mainly known as Lexie Dreamstate on most social media platforms. I am a voice actor, a content creator, and a writer. I look forward to working together!

Nightingale Voices - 2023

Character Studies Workshop

Instructed by Sarah Nightingale

I learned different voice warm-ups, learned how to voice a character based on solely a picture, and we practiced different ways to voice a character as well as improv. 

Nightingale Voices - 2023

Vocal Techniques in Character VA

Instructed by Sarah Nightingale

I learned about the vocal points of voice acting, different ways to act out a scene, and how to emphasize on different lines to make the scene better.

Nightingale Voices - 2023

Introduction to Video Game VA

Instructed by Sarah Nightingale

Sarah taught me the basics of video game voice acting, the definition of barks and we practiced what we learned in class with videogame character examples.


My voiceover rates are .20 USD cents per word, $3 USD per line, and $100 USD per hour. After 2 re-takes, it is a flat rate of $25 USD dollars per retake. 

  • @coolturtleworld

    Super professional and talented voice actor, did a great job for my project!  Highly recommend 😎 


  • @blolorbes

    Working with Amaya was great! Very talented voice actress with great energy. She is a very kind, fun person, and is very supportive. Would definitely recommend.