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About KatieWetch

Hi there! I'm Katie, a Voice Actor from the DFW area! I've been working on sharpening my voice over skills; I can be heard as additional voices in the radio drama podcast "Fine in Dandee". In which, I later moved on to the principal role of Kat in season 2, who coincidentally shared a brief romance with the character of Jed - who was played by my husband! :) 

I've been acting for as long as I can remember, often going on auditions when I was very small with my mother at my side. I focused in television and print work when I was young, and developed a love for theater as I grew. As a young high-schooler, I officially began my study of theater with Ricardo Melendez, Steve Earl, and Randy Strawderman at The Governor's School for the Arts. I continued my education in college under Dr. Michael Kirkland, Eric Harrell, and many others, earning a BFA in Theater Performance. Along the way, I discovered a strong passion for stage combat; earning several SAFD certifications under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Kirkland and approved by Fight Master Richard Ryan. I love collaborating with team-oriented artists and creating something everyone is excited about!

Voices Carey - 2022

Private Coaching

Instructed by Tom Cullum

I take private coaching with Tom to remain consistent in my training and  to build the skills necessary for this business; working on scene building and breaking down different categories of voice over including anime, animation, commercial, etc.

Voice Over Workshop - 2022

Fundamentals of Character Voice Overs

Instructed by Elise Baughman & Johnathan Pitts

This workshop reviewed skills in improvising; both before and behind the mic to create characters with energy, personality and depth. 


Varies by Project

What KatieWetch is looking for

I LOVE working with characters; anime, animation, video games, etc. Telling stories is another love of mine; audiobooks and narration.