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Hey what's up guys?!

The name is KLS XXIII or just KLS and I'm an aspiring TV/Film/Voice Actor who is passionate for the entertainment industry and dramatic arts. I hope to make it big someday and I'm down to do whatever it takes 🎬🖤

I've been interested in acting since I was 15 years old and I've wanted to try to take it more serious since 2021.. Haven't really done much to this point.. but I'm here to make a start.

I'm 21 and live in South Africa [Born and raised] ... For more about me, you can follow me on IG @kls_xxiii and, if you want, you can sub to my VA channel. I also have 2 other channels... KLS XXIII [Where I do my whatever type of content I like] and KLS 悪名高い [Where I help promote people's music as AMVs/Visualizers... Thanks for your time for reading and any VA opportunities are welcomed :)

Helen O'Grady's Acting School - 2021


Instructed by Helen O'Grady

So I briefly went to Helen O'Grady's Acting School to take my journey more seriously...but before that, I was ins high school where all i did was drama classes (that's where I found a passion for acting). I'm more focused into voice acting at the moment, but I'm still down for even irl acting gigs

What KLS XXIII is looking for

I joined Casting Call because it looked like an interesting and fun experience for beginners who want to be apart of the entertainment industry.. I really want to become an actor/voice actor and I felt that Casting Call could give me that "leg to stand on" heh :)