JC Wolf

One face. Many voices. You need it, I probably have it in my head.

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About JC Wolf

Animation, anime, movies, movie quotes. Sports, sarcasm, Japanese robots. All of these things and more inspire the voices I can do.

Voices I've done:

Perceptor, Sunstreaker, and Sideswipe in Transformers: Advanced (the Roblox game)

Upcoming: Tomar-Re in Faith Eternal, a Superman Minecraft Machinima


I'm pretty flexible, moreso if it's something I want to do. 150$ per 2000 words otherwise. Script revisions extra.

What JC Wolf is looking for

Looking to do some fun projects to build my resume and really start using my voice. www.tiktok.com/thebigdummie is my tiktok if you'd like to see some examples of my energy and what I'm about.