Hi! I am a Minecraft YouTuber who loves Video Editing, 3D Animation and doing Voice Overs on his videos as well as Voice Acting and acting overallCheck most of my work:

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About Joygulplay

I am a small Minecraft YouTuber and during the years I developed a love for video edtitng. I can spend hours a day just sitting and editing one of my videos. I was also and editor to another small channel but it wasn't something too big. I also grew up with watching Minecraft animations and I really wanted to start learning how to do them so I started off by teaching myself from YoTube tutorails and later I took a 3D animation course to take my skills to the next level. I am very hard working and when I start something I don't stop until I finish it. Recently I started doing Voice overs on my videos and I found out I am pretty good at voice acting as well and I will be in a good help for that.

Softuni Creative - 2022

3D Animation beginner, 3D Animation Advanced

Instructed by Titko Titkov

In this course of Softuni I was thaught how to do 3D animation using Maya and I have learned how to animate objects like cars and humans.

What Joygulplay is looking for

I am working mainly on video editing and 3D animation