Jordin D. Bryant (JesterTheRyda)

Jordin D. Bryant (JesterTheRyda)

25 Year Old Actor, Director, Musician, Producer, & Voiceover Artist from Grays Harbor County, WA. Founder & CEO of independent production company Hell Harbor Entertainment ( visit my official website for more information!

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About Jordin D. Bryant (JesterTheRyda)

Jordin Bryant, known professionally as JesterTheRyda is an American actor, director, musician, record producer, and voiceover artist from Grays Harbor County, WA. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hell Harbor Entertainment. As a troubled youth who dropped out of school when he was a teenager, he devoted himself to pursuing various forms of the craft to entertain the world. Over the course of time, he had taught himself how to write, record, mix, master, and produce his own music in his bedroom, it was early on he discovered his passion for creating purely unfiltered and uncensored content. As the owner of both Hell Harbor Entertainment and Dab & Stab Records, JesterTheRyda placed himself in a position to deliver such raw and unfiltered content to the masses through media distribution. In addition to the music, Jester is an established screen actor, and is featured as an extra in the upcoming indie movie GRAYPORT, along with several other undisclosed projects in production. Jester is also a talented voice actor and has created several of his own characters of which he portrays in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplay servers. He has previously been in high profile popular communities such as DOJRP, OCRP, Twitch RP and Wild RP! These communities are where he has honed his improvisational skills and voice acting with natural storytelling through his characters. When not acting or working on creating killer music, he actually enjoys developing and programming his own private game servers and eventually intends to create his own wicked video games one day. Jester is from a small town in the State of Washington, he loves to smoke weed and play video games when he is not in the studio working on his own projects or executive producing for other artists signed to the label. Underneath all the craziness is just your average guy. Now as he approaches his mid-twenties he has entered his absolute prime with his wicked style of underground entertainment as he continues to work on new projects.