Hellp there welcome to my Page! 💕

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About ItzSugarLizzy

I am just an Editor and an Animator for my projects i will be doing for my career of Animation. 

Hi hi, My name is GiGi or lizzy. You can call me either both! I am an Animator Just an Beginner actually haha. I am 23 Year old! And a Gacha Tuber! 

I just wanna to say i am thrilled to be happy to be here in CCC. Where i can find some Voice Actors or Animators. Or others! 

I wanna share my content with ya’ll if your interested to be in one of my projects! Yet i haven’f made one just yet! But still learning!! 

Even the content will be is Gacha club an app that everyone or some gacha tubers uses. 

I seen in YouTube Videos that Gacha tubers find voice actors in CCS was stumbled and i find it during in 2020 and now in 2023 Will be doin some new Things! 

If i get an computer to animate! I will animate all day haha. But sadly i didn’t it have it for now. I only use tablet or iphone. But either way i use Tablet! 

So i am here for searching some Voice actors, some are already taken in my other CCC account! Yet the project is closed for now in that account i decided to make a new account for newer projects for examples for like an Voice actor reveals! 

Yet still haven’t made any GCMM’s or GCMV’s or short films. 

I am only using gacha club. 

In the further future i am willing to make animations and have fun with it. 

If you interested in this? Wanna be in my team? Well you stumbled in a right place<3! 

Anyway if you wanna contact me?

Use discord! 

#ItzSugarLizzy 1621 

You’ll find me and direct message me there! Well that is all for now! Cya guys next time! Bye! 


This is an Unpaid Project meaning there is no paid. Just free projects!  

What ItzSugarLizzy is looking for

Just looking For voice actors! 

If your interested??? Just check my page! And send your demos in one of my projects! And see what you got! If you got your part and i am very happy for you!!<3