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Iain Luke Jones

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About Iain Luke Jones

I am a voice actor and improviser with a real passion for bringing characters to life. Whether it's helping you to sell your product or bringing your character to life, my passion is to help other people succeed.

I am an experienced performer, teacher and facilitator with nearly 20 years experience of guiding and helping to shape the minds of performers from age 6 to 60+.
With a certificate of distinction from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, a Performing Arts Diploma with 9 Full Distinctions encompassing drama, music and dance, a Foundation Degree in Learning Support, a BA Hons in Education and multiple hours of voice acting training with 'Gravy for the Brain', I have spent many years honing my performing and teaching skills, always with a focus on helping others to achieve their goals. 

I love to help other people realise their visions and my voice is the perfect way for you to breathe life into your dreams. Whether it is nailing the perfect product promo or finding the voice to match that character that currently only lives in your head, I am the perfect choice to give your ideas a voice.

Having a naturally neutral voice means I have a voice that lends itself well to reading scripts for a whole variety of projects. This means I am able to seamlessly create characters that draw on a wide spectrum of tones and characteristics. I can convincingly give you a performance as a character from late teens to late 60's and am always excited about discovering new voices and adding them to my repertoire.
I have a professional home studio which means I can record and produce from home if required. I am passionate about my work and I give my all to every project.