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About HeroHayden47

Hello! My name is HeroHayden47! I am a known gaming content creator on TikTok, but I also spend a lot of my time on YouTube and Instagram as well!

Around a year ago I made my own Minecraft Roleplay Series, that included animation, voice actors, guest celebrities, and so much more! I conducted all the management, script writing, video editing, and sound engineering! I also did a bit of voice acting myself.

Not only that but for the past 7-8 years, I have had a history of real-life acting experience. (Nothing major, but small, private films lasting anywhere between 7-50 Minutes long.)

I also have over 1 year of experience with singing! I take private voice lessons in person.

What HeroHayden47 is looking for

I'd love to try doing some roleplay projects or even voice in some games!

  • @paraex_paranoid

    I’ve worked with Hayden on many occasions, it’s always been fun and professional! The scripts were easy and lively and the dead lines were easy to manage. He brings a creative and overall relaxed energy to his team and is always open to discuss issues and recommendations for videos. I honestly am very happy with the work we managed together and are anticipating our next collaboration!