Slender the Man

Slender the Man

New and exciting voice actor with many various accents and impersonations.

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About Slender the Man

I am very excited to start my voice acting career since it has always been in the back of my mind as a distant dream. I am new to the field but would love to gain as much experience as possible and build an impressive portfolio for myself to start making a name and take on more challenging opportunities. I have also been working as a Video editor/Content creator/Social media manager for the past 3 years while doing some freelance video editing where I can, as well as making video edits for my own YouTube channel as a hobby. I am also an artist who loves sketching game characters full of life and story.

What Slender the Man is looking for

My dream is to be a voice actor for a famous Anime or Cartoon, so ideally, I want to take on every voice acting opportunity I can find. I also have the skills to do video editing, collaborate video and audio, and so forth, so I would like to take on new projects to keep developing my editing skills.On top of that, it would be amazing to see one of my character designs being used in a famous game.