Hello, I am a VA and a writer.

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About HelloWorld

Hi, My name is SayHello. I am a male, but I can do both males and females. I can sing and I have an extraordinary range. I am currently 14, but I can do practically any range, though. I want to become a legit voice actor, so if you need a role, just ask me and I'll help you any time.

- 2024

Voice Lessons

Instructed by Multiple different people

I have taken voice lessons from multiple people. I took some from a private teacher that I knew from church. I have taken some from the private teacher at my middle school for all three of my middle school years. I have also taken some from the one at my high school for an entire year now.


I don't charge any prices normally, but if you are charging everyone else, I will accept the payment.

What HelloWorld is looking for

I do any voice acting works and i sing as well. I can do Tenor, Alto, and Soprano. I am also looking for VA's for multiple of my projects.