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Hey, names Goldwyn. I've been voice acting for a couple years now, and met some really good friends, through voice acting. When the Pandemic hit i was still voice acting however not as much, which may surprise a few. I stopped auditioning and doing voice over, just cause of the space I was in. Couldn't scream and yell like I use to. During that time I worked on learning new skills, and picked up video editing, along with starting to learn audio editing. Though I'm not a pro yet, i still have much to learn, and love doing it. I will send links to things i've voiced in, both old and new. Currently am looking at upgrading my mic to get better quality, and sound proofing.

  • @shadowlover888

    they are very professional but also fun and a good person.
    very creative! great artist, writer, and voice actress
    but also again great friend