George Fitton

George Fitton

Voice actor, impressionist and musician

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About George Fitton

Hi! My name's George, and I'm an amateur voice actor, musician, and sound engineer with a Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts and a BA in Music Production. I've been performing in plays and pantomimes since I was in primary school, and have only ever had the utmost love for acting, singing, writing and performing music. The range of characters I've been allowed to play throughout my years studying has been nothing short of an honour.

My skills as an impressionist as well as my years studying performing arts academically have fed into my ability to portray a wide range of characters, which I have done both in an acting capacity and as a part of role-playing hobbies.

Be sure to reach out to me if you like what you see (or hear).

What George Fitton is looking for

I'm open to doing any kind of voice acting work for fan-works or original projects including audio-dramas, video games, animations, etc. I am also willing to help in composing soundtracks for smaller/independent projects.
I have previously been in various Star Wars fan projects on Patreon, including works by luna.auctor and ladyinwriting.