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About GamerGoku

Hey it's me, Goku! Nah not really, it's Nathan. You can call me either or though. Goku is really my "star voice" it's the one I am most recognised for, and what is most prevalent on my YouTube channel "GamerGoku". The channel blew up a few months ago as of writing this, and I just recently reached 200K subscribers. I'm on here to voice when I can for fun. I usually do my paid VA work over on Fiverr, but I come here for projects sometimes if I find something interesting.

My microphone is the SHURE SM7B, and it's powered by my GOXLR. 

I have had over a decade of self taught Voice Acting experience. I'm not a professional by any means, but I think I know enough at this point to qualify as such. I've have been in many projects on YouTube which have seen numbers hitting the multi millions, most of those were under my previous alias "BronyBurningAxe" but now more recently "GamerGoku". My biggest role was actually in a movie which released in theatres in the US. It was developed by an independent film crew and is called "A Fairy Tale After All" I am credited in the movies credits, as well as IMDb as "Nathan John Beale" My full legal name. This is my biggest bragging right, and I am so lucky and proud to have been given such an incredible opportunity!

Here is the link to my YouTube channel if anybody is interested:

Thank you for reading!

  • @adam-ayers

    I got to meet Nathan on a Dragon Ball fan project and he is absolutely fantastic! He always goes above and beyond when it comes to getting his lines in on time and these lines are always of the highest quality. Really great guy and even gives feedback to the other VAs within the project. To say I recommend him would be an understatement, he is absolutely brilliant and I cannot wait to work with him again!