Hello!!!  I am an IMDB credited voice actor with a HUGE array of voices!!!  I can work on ANY project and have an AMAZINGLY rapid turnaround time!!!  I look forward to working with you on MANY amazing projects and can help in ANY way POSSIBLE!!!!  My links can ALL be found below!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥

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About FroyCalamari

Available for ANY project!!!  Characters, Narration, Announcements, Radio Hosting, you name it!!!!

An array of my voices can be found here:

My IMDB credits can be found here:

And you can feel MORE than free to contact me via Discord here: froycalamari

Looking forward to creating MANY projects with you!!!!!!! 🔥💯🏆⚜️

  • @kiirby-mariee

    Froy is a pretty cool and dedicated voice actor! He voiced a pretty minor character but his delivery was incredible and pretty quick too! He has a lot of energy in him that makes him shine throughout his performances. It's clear he's very passionated about voice acting and it's awesome to meet people like him. I highly recommend you all to work with FroyCalamari!

  • @doverhuh

    He played in my project. His lines were sent quickly and with loads of quality. He was on time and didn't need to ask for any extensions. When asked to play another role, he accepted and sent me them fast. Would recommend if you want a va that has a clear passion for their work! ^^

  • @sunziv

    I recommend froy if you’re looking for someone who’s easy to work with, and will deliver quick and quality lines! I’m really happy with the way he voiced my character and I hope to work with him again in the future!