Ronin Wise

Ronin Wise

Hello! I'm a striving voice actor. Prepared for vocal strangulation to perfect your vision.

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About Ronin Wise

Hello! I’m Ronin! 18 years old and always ready for challenges!

I love gaming, acting, food, fashion and altruism.. Treat others how you want to be treated.
I’m an artist/aspiring animator. With 3 years theatre experience and experimenting with social media content, I’m hoping to break out into the world of voice acting!

Thanks for checking out my profile! Hope you have a great year. 💫


Absolutely volunteer, unless denied. I'm just starting this trip, and want to help creators/companies fortify their projects; whether it be for gaming, animation, narration.. Creativity is running short, and it takes a lot to bring to life.

What Ronin Wise is looking for

I'm looking for any voice acting positions to add onto my resume. Primarily, I'm interested in animation and video game VA work–but have dabbled with commercial and narrated sampling.