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About FourthShot

Hello, I'm Garreth, or 4thShot as my online persona. Despite my location, I'm American-born and raised. So please don't typecast me for "Australian" roles.(Save those for them!) I'm looking to gain as much experience as possible in voice acting, from just about any source. I am relentless in this pursuit. I also stream on Twitch often so feel free to come hang out!

Closing Credits - 2024

Mastering Characters

Instructed by Elley Ray

I use standard indie rates for voice over USD 250 per session hour with a 2-hour minimum. Always negotiable on a case by case basis.

What FourthShot is looking for

I'm looking to grow my resume and have fun doing it! I've always aspired to be in animated films, tv series and most of all video games! 

  • @Origin-Productions

    4thShot auditioned for the role of 'Shadan Esoria' in DOCTOR WHO: Undone. I was very impressed with his audition, as his Spanish Accent was one of the best in the numerous auditions, and his evident talent was prominent as a VA. 

    He delivered the lines in a timely manner, clearly being very dedicated to his craft and the passion he prevalently has for bringing stories to life. He's also very professional and easy-going.