A Canadian 21 year old with a passion for Cosplay and Voice Acting!

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About Facilierr

~~** Facilierr **~~

Also known as "Okay, but what is your real voice?"


My name is Maxwell, but I am mostly known as Facilierr by people who know me as a voice actor. I am a 21-year-old Canadian who is currently working in the HVAC field that has always enjoyed voice acting ever since he was a tween. 

Most of my voice acting skills come from server jumping in video games impersonating the characters I play or from being main cast in most drama productions I was involved with. Because of this, I am an excellent improv voice actor and have some great skills at simply jumping into scenarios and making them work. 

From the people who have experienced my voice acting, they are usually impressed by my capabilities to change my voice as much as a do as my regular voice is pretty unique in it's own right. I've had plenty of people tell me that I should be a radio broadcaster- funnily enough, most of the time this was said was back when I worked at a McDonald's! 

I'm excited to further my voice acting skills and have always wanted to do more work in that field. Maybe this will be a chance to do as much!

I am also starting to get into Cosplay as well as YouTube editting; my videos can be found here on my Youtube channel: Its Facilierr - YouTube


I am Free-lance and Free right now! Looking to build up my portfolio before I start charging for my services!

What Facilierr is looking for

Simple voice-over work or any sort of improv works for me- however I am also open to experimenting with new fields! 

  • @MalArt114

    Max is quick to learn and very enthusiastic in nature. I would recommend him for any project.