Puppy to robot, witch to announcer and all voices in between - I love this job!

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Voice over is my passion - my first VO was my fave comic book as soon as I could read!  I look forward to helping others' dreams come true while living my own!  

A VO's Journey - 2022

Instructed by Anthony Pica

Really great community with a Discord and group classes Monday through Friday.

A VOs Journey - 2022

Voice Acting

Instructed by Susan Fouche

A great class for learning vital basics, with lots of opportunity to practice with peers in workgroups

A VO's Journey - 2022

Voice Acting

Instructed by Katheryn Siggers

Excellent instruction and workgroup opportunities, with really helpful direction and feedback!

A VO's Journey - 2022

Business Systems and Voice Acting

Instructed by Angela Clark

Great insights into the business of VO as well as opportunities for really fun group workouts!


Everything is negotiable!

What EricaHoldenVO is looking for

Having a theatre background, I love character work, as well as being part of an ensemble, so this site is right up my alley  - I look forward to working with like-minded, creative people and working together to bring your amazing projects to life!