Ché Grové

Ché Grové

Voice actor aiming for character work in video games, audio dramas and grounded animation

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About Ché Grové

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Ché. I'm very interested in character work particularly in video games, ground animations and audio dramas! I'm also eager to get into audiobooks and possibly non-fiction narration. I look forward to working together!

RealVoice LA - 2024

Fantasy Video Games

Instructed by Karen Strassman
SkillsHub - 2023

Intro to Script Analysis

Instructed by Vanessa Marshall
SkillsHub - 2024

Character Creation

Instructed by Brian Palermo
SkillsHub - 2024

Gaming Hotseats

Instructed by Chris Borders
The Halp Network - 2024

Finding Your Voice

Instructed by Jeremy Hall
SkillsHub - 2024

Start It

Instructed by Jennifer Hale
What Ché Grové is looking for

I'm looking for grounded (not cartoony) work in video games, audio dramas and animations. I'm looking to build my skills and have fun collaborating on projects with different people.