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About EchoVA

「*Hello, Hello! It’s Echo, Echo!*」

・:*+ VA | 17 y/o | Vietnamese | Genderfluid (Any Pronouns)

(Willing to partake in unpaid and paid projects, but mostly aiming for those that are paid.)


My prices are very flexible depending on the project. I can also work for free if it is unpaid passion project or if you are working with a low-budget! The prices can be negotiated in DMs if there's good reason. All payments will be sent through PayPal.

What EchoVA is looking for

Currently, I'm looking for paid work in animated series, video games, short films, etc. but I occasionally participate in unpaid passion projects if they spark my interest! I'm alright with using profanity so long as offensive slurs aren't being used in a derogatory way. I will NOT do NSFW as it makes me extremely uncomfortable to produce that type of work.