A Dash of Parsley

A Dash of Parsley

Aspiring actor looking to collaborate with others and apply myself in the world of voice acting.

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About A Dash of Parsley


I'm Parsley and I like making stuff. Acting is my most passionate pursuit but I have dabbled in art, animation, video editing and music. I would love to start collaborating with others in the making of stuff and to contribute to projects in the best way I can.

My voice is a tenor with a strong british accent but I'd say my voice can be quite adaptable, having experimented with my vocal range and a number of accents. I plan on putting up a demo once I have some projects under my belt. 

I have made some videos in the past (like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EilzYE_wW7o for example) which I have posted on the youtube channel of the linked video. I really enjoy video editing so getting oportunities to do more of it would be greatly apreciated.

I have also done some Source Filmmaker posters ,quite a while ago now, but you can find them on my twitter https://twitter.com/DashOfParsley  

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and hope to be collaborating with you soon.