Dylan Wylie

Dylan Wylie

Multifaceted Creative | Award-Winning Filmmaker | Music Video Maestro | Theatrical Presence in NI | Voice Actor on 'The Mutant Girl' | Comedy Show Writer-Director-Producer | TORN Film with Shelley Lowry & Joe McStravick | Twilight Zone Segment Director

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About Dylan Wylie

Passionate filmmaker and dynamic team player, I embarked on my journey with an award-winning short film, showcasing my skills in writing, filming, and producing. This success fueled my creativity, leading me to direct and edit a captivating music video, seamlessly merging visuals and music.

In 2022, I made my mark in acting with a role in "TORN," directed by Joe McStravick, and written by Shelley Lowry. My theatrical journey encompasses prestigious Northern Irish theatres, featuring in productions like "Eighty-Nine" and the recent "Above All Else."

Venturing into voice acting, I voiced "Terry" in "The Mutant Girl" and took on multiple characters in "Fallen Angels," including "Trevor," "Dream Weaver," and "Silver." I even played the lead in the series' short film, "Fallen Angels: Search for the Gate."

Additionally, I directed a segment for the TV show "Twilight Zone: Curse of the Halloween Scare," presented by Actor David Afflick, further showcasing my diverse creative abilities.

Enrolled in the BFI Film Academy, I directed and composed music for "The Killer Who Couldn't" and participated in Masterclasses taught by industry professionals.

Currently, I'm in post-production for a comedy show that I've written, undertaking roles as a writer, filmmaker, director, editor, and producer. This project exemplifies my commitment to a hands-on approach and a comprehensive understanding of the creative process.

Shelley Lowry School of Speech and Drama - 2023

AS Level Performing Arts

Instructed by Ellen Mockford

Taught by Northern Irish actor Ellen Mockford. Recieved a grade B

AMMA Centre/BFI Film Academy - 2023

Camera/Lighting Masterclass

Instructed by Michael Macbroom

I took part in a camera operation/lighting for film & TV masterclass taught by Writer, Director and Filmmaker Michael Macbroom

AMMA Centre/ BFI Film Academy - 2023

Sound Production Masterclass

Instructed by Niall Totten

Took part in a Sound Production for film & TV masterclass with Niall Totten.

I also worked with Niall Totten on creating an original soundtrack for my film, "The Killer Who Couldn't"

NERVE Centre/ BFI Film Academy - 2023

Screenwriting Masterclass

Instructed by Dianne Jessie Miller

I travelled to Belfast to take place in a Screenwriting Masterclass taught by Film Director and Writer Dianne Jessie Miller.

AMMA Centre/ BFI Film Academy - 2023

Directing for Camera Masterclass

Instructed by Jonathan Harden

I took part in a Directing for Camera masterclass taught by Actor and Director Jonathan Harden; And assisted by actress Claire Rafferty.

AMMA Centre/ BFI Film Academy - 2023

Cinematography Masterclass

Instructed by George Barnes

I went to a Cinematography Masterclass taught by Cinematographer George Barnes.

AMMA Centre - 2023

BFI Film Academy

Instructed by Jo Barnett

Received an NCFE Level 2 Award in Preparing to Work in the Film Industry.

Directed and composed a short film "The Killer who Couldn't" through this Academy.

Shelley Lowry School of Speech and Drama - 2023

Acting Classes

Instructed by

Preformed in various theatres across Northern Ireland, and landed a role in the short film "TORN," through this class.

Trinity College London - 2021

Level 3 Certificate in Graded Examination in Acting

Instructed by

Received grade 7 with Merit.

Shelley Lowry School of Speech and Drama - 2021

GCSE Drama

Instructed by Lily McClatchey

Taught by Northern Irish actor Lily McClatchey. Received a grade B

Southern Reginal College - 2022

MEDIA Level 3 Extended Diploma

Instructed by

Received all Distinctions.

What Dylan Wylie is looking for

I am open to working on a wide range of projects, including short films, web series, animations, voice-over roles, and collaborative endeavors. I have a strong passion for storytelling and enjoy exploring various genres and mediums. As a versatile creative, I thrive on challenging myself and pushing the boundaries of my skills.

Ultimately, what I aim to achieve through my work is to inspire and engage audiences, to evoke emotions, and to create meaningful connections. I strive to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a passion for storytelling and who are dedicated to creating high-quality content that resonates with viewers.

I joined Casting Call Club because it provides a platform for me to connect with other talented individuals, explore exciting projects, and expand my network within the creative community. It offers opportunities for me to showcase my abilities, collaborate with fellow creatives, and contribute to the realization of compelling stories.

I believe that through collaboration and shared creativity, we can bring unique visions to life and make a lasting impact in the world of entertainment. By participating in projects on Casting Call Club, I am actively pursuing my passion, honing my skills, and building a portfolio of diverse and impactful work.

  • @carbinecraig

    This man is great to work with. From my experience, he is very determined to get the job done and is helpful to others who may struggle while maintaining an approachable and friendly personality.

  • @continuation-pictures-daniel

    Dylan Wylie was amazing! I was searching for actor/director to help me out with my annual Halloween Twilight Zone film. I needed one more director for one of the segments and Dylan stepped up. He was even able to do it in time, which was crunch as he had less than a week to do it. The segment for the film was brilliant, funny, and clever. A Day In The Life Of Dracula served to be one of the highlights of the movie! May I recommend Dylan Wylie and Wylie Productions. They certainly are a step in the right direction for filmmaking!