"Everybody has a voice, Let us help you find yours!" 

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About J.Thompson

Owner of the Diamond Tentacle Studios, 
I've been voice acting since 2017 and is mostly known for Blackhat from Villanos. 

I've always had a screaming passion for the craft and with an excellent studio to boot. I will always provide my best and nothing but it! 

We plan on having a website soon for the studio. that is currently in the productions.

University of Alaska Anchorage - 2019

Acting 101

Instructed by

This was a theatre acting class that I took in 2019, It taught me a few things in particular and helped me understand "Method Acting" Better


anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars depending on the size of the project 

What J.Thompson is looking for

Narration, Advertisement, Video game developers looking for Voice Actors, Audio Books, Comic Dubs.

Anything in particular that needs a voice, I'm there