Edwin DeVargas

Edwin DeVargas

Glad you viewed my profile.  Well, let's get creative!  Let's get working.  Later is too late!

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The Actors Institute - 2002

Instructed by

It was here that I really understood that I belonged in the world of performance.  I even booked my first national voice-over commercial here.  Thanks Joan Baker! 

Closing Credits - 2022

Audio Engineering for Voice Actors

Instructed by Tony Wijs

Tony's teaching style is adaptive and that really helped me.  He even used one of my vocal samples to show a step by step method of how to process a recording.  Neth who was the teaching assistant was gracious enough to help me add the correct fx to my audition recording.  

Great class to take for all the talent out there who's afraid of hitting the wrong buttons and destroying a good take, like I was.  Thanks Tony!  Thanks Neth, @theneth!