Let's do some voice acting!

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About Daniel_Jey

Hey there! I'm Daniel, a voice actor and actor. Still learning the ropes but I have a lot of experience under my belt. Want to gain more and more experience whilst doing VO work so hit me up!

My Voices page (Got all my demos there) : https://www.voices.com/profile/danieljey


Not focused on money at the moment, doing this for the love of Voice Over work and the experience, so whatever's within your budget lol.

What Daniel_Jey is looking for

Looking for short-term work at the moment as I am still learning but after learning the ropes I aim for long-term work as well. Whatever projects you have, be it animation, video games I wish to work on and eventually move on to other areas once I have gained more experience.

Here is the link to my Voices page (All my demos I have made are here) : https://www.voices.com/profile/danieljey