Voice Actor & Writer. Hoping I can do a good job, and bring life to your characters!

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About CriminalCJ

Hey there! I'm a 20 Y/o Lad from England and have been Voice Acting for 2 years now. But, I still have room to improve. Don't we all, aye? I look to Voice Act for others, or do major Voice Work in various awesome projects! Always down for a challenge.

I've also dived into being a Writer. I love being able to tell a coherent story, with characters that have the depth & capacity to develop and undergo an effective arc, to satisfy viewers by the end of the narrative. 

One of the main projects I am the Lead Writer, Director & Voice Actor for is the YouTube Channel 'FortShorts', consisting of the creation of Fortnite Short Films, Movies and more. Primarily based on the game's Lore, using in-game Skins, and adapting material into high-quality films to tell a great story. With a bloody brilliant Voice Cast, behind a widely diverse range of Characters & Factions!

Any inquiries? Feel free message me, or contact my Discord: criminalcj


Happy to work for free!

What CriminalCJ is looking for

Looking for a range of voice work. I love Voice Acting, and I desire to keep getting better at it. But, I'm also eager to push myself out there for many types of projects!

  • @l-brick-studios

    I have taken @CriminalCJ on board as "MAGNI THORSON" in my upcoming LEGO Marvel Ragnarok brick-film series on YouTube. at present he has only voiced in one episode but i am so impressed with his skill and performance that i cannot wait to watch him bring the character to life in further episodes. 

    A very enthusiastic and talented artist that i would highly recommend him to all!