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Sphetti out of here. I don't have the thyme to deal with impastas.

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About Fjalla Fey

I am but one individual, with very little skill, and limited time.


As a new creator, my rates vary greatly. For most projects, I will most likely be free. However, I mostly decide after looking over the job.

What Fjalla Fey is looking for

Oh, I'm open to pretty much anything.  

  • @deleted575502

    Fjalla is a great voice actor to work with. She was a pretty cool and chill person to talk with and our communications for the majority of the time were always straight to the point. She's very responsible with the given task and delivers pretty fast. She voice the child version of Stacy and gave such an excellent performance with clean and clear audio. I highly recommend everyone reading this to work with Fjalla in the future!