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About ConnorCrunch

Hey there, on here I'm ConnorCrunch, but everywhere else I'm just Connor. I've had a passion for voice over work and character voices since I was very little and have spent years just not shutting up. I would say that all that hard work paid off, as my vocal delivery, style of narration and character voices are pretty good... (When my mic is facing the right way). You can't go wrong if you hire me up, I'm easy to work with and feverishly determined to deliver a good vocal product. My DM's here and on Discord are open if you're interested, thanks for stopping by!


10$ per 250 words of script with 10$ being the minimum payment. I'm willing to work for an overall project completion price as well depending on the project.

What ConnorCrunch is looking for

Almost any work, I'm in it for the passion of voice over and am willing to get experience in any way that I can. My preferred work is narration but I also enjoy character voices greatly. Availability Sunday-Thursday 12pm-12am CST.