Checking back in, might as well have some more fun with this!  Big, booming, baritone. My wife says I'm good at this.

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About CholarBear

My name is Cole, and I currently live in Oklahoma.  I'm stay at home dad for two kiddos, and I'm trying to fill the time with getting back to the things I enjoy: disc golf, video games, and voice over.  I have a degree in media production - specifically post-production and film editing work - and a certificate in radio broadcasting.

I did a quite a bit of community theater a few years ago.  I have been nominated for several awards, and even won a couple.  My most notable roles were: Oscar Madison (The Odd Couple), Porthos (Three Musketeers), Juror #7 (12 Angry Men), and Lancelot (Spamalot).

I have always been fairly small-time as far as VO is concerned.  I did morning traffic for a radio station in Charleston, SC for a bit.  I even very briefly had a late night show... then the station manager got fired and corporate came in and shook some stuff up.  I've recorded liners and telephone messages for local businesses, and I have narrated a few titles on Audible (I'd say I average about a 4.5-4.8 in the reviews).  You can look them up if you want, but one of them is extremely NSFW, and you might not like what you find.

Now that narration and business are out of the way, I'm looking to do some character work.  Big, overacted roles.  Small, subtle roles.  Anything and everything, just to dip my toe back in and have fun with it while building a reel.

I typically record in my walk-in closet.  I use a Rode NT1-A, and I prefer to record into my Tascam instead of my interface.  I feel it gives me better control and portability, and I'm not having to fight computer noise all the time.  Afterwards, I mix and master in Audition.

I look forward to working with you!

Trident Technical College - 2020

Associates in Media Production

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For now I'm mostly in it for exposure and pocket change... but you've gotta be careful, you'll starve if you only ever get paid in exposure.

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Voice over work: preferably character work, but anything is fine!