Voicelines? Acting? Yes please :D

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About Christiantgbmj

I am a 16 year old silly British guy. I've done things such as Dubs before on tiktok and edited my voice over videos on my gaming channel (CJ DJ gamer)

I've suddenly decided that it would be really cool if I tried voice acting for other people rather than just myself, so let's do that :D

I'm also a GCSE Drama student (hopefully) going onto A level (massive theatre kid btw) so of course I also love acting as well!

I'm based around London if that means anything :P

OH ONE MORE THING, well two... I do a lot of writing as well as editing, I heard that comes in handy here :>


idc, I just want roles B)

What Christiantgbmj is looking for

ROLES! PLEASE! GIVE ME ROLES! Voice acting, acting, even writing :D OH AND I CAN DO EDITING TOO, hence my youtube channel.