Skiddadle Skidoddle, yer name is now Poodle!

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About Mr.BlueMoon

Tiddle Tie! Tiddle Toe! And Welcome to me Little Aboud!

The name's Buckie!

I'm a hobbyist who dabbles in a lot of different artistic forms:  Acting (Mostly Theater), Voice acting, and pixel art. And many more in future with the flow of time.

"Did ya know that me name means 'Whelk'...funny stuff I tell ye, never knew I was a shell of me self..."

What Mr.BlueMoon is looking for

Voice Acting gigs (In any kind)

Pixel art gigs (From stills to animations)

I want to work with a team that is sure about what they're doing, and to meet more people in my domain of work...and make some friends.

Kinda lonely here ye know