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My name is Jei Evans and I am an amateur voice artist. My work tends to fall into the entertainment category, providing a number of voices and dialects that brings the characters of a given work to life. My most comfortable range falls in to the "young adult" to "middle-aged" male roles with a lower bass/tenor tone. This provides a strong voice for use in narration in forms such as audio books, as well.

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    BluJei is an awesome voice actor to have on staff. He worked with me on a star wars game in the Morrowind engine known as Starwind, as I was a co-dev for it. In it, he voiced a Duros smuggler named Ninulin and I was STUNNED by the effort he put into it. Not only did he put emotion and effort into the voicing, but he even researched (without me directing him to do so) the Duros species and mixed the audio to replicate the alien species perfectly. Honestly, such effort into his work should be recognized with a physical medal. I highly recommend taking him onboard.