He/They. A queer artist/writer, if you’d like to support me, you can find my on Patreon or Ko-Fi 😊

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About August

I'm August, an artist/writer from Australia. This is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ don't be afraid to approach me not matter how whack you think your idea is.

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I have a high passion for scriptwriting/storytelling and character design.
I make fanarts (anime) for the most part but I also have a few things of my own in the works! I'll draw/write anything (I literally mean anything go look at my twitter) as long as its safe, meaning NO MINORS.

Although I use a multitude of different programs. I use Procreate (for art) and Scrivener (for writing) the most. 

Any questions just send me a message!

Australian Film, Television and Radio School - 2020

Screenwriting Intensive

Instructed by Jonathan Ogilvie

A week intensive screenwriting course with professional writers, directors and filmmakers such as Jonathan Ogilvie.

Charles Sturt university - 2020

Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design)

Instructed by

-Proficient knowledge and experience with Adobe, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

-Logo design, creating an identity, basic 2D animations and Typography. Recipient of The Executive Deans Award for the academic year of 2020

Australian Film, Television and Radio School - 2021

Intro to Directing

Instructed by Amin Palangi

A three-week online course to learn more about the responsibilities and workflow of a film and television director, instructed by Amin Palangi.


My commissions are currently closed but you can view the prices and full commission information here:

What August is looking for

I am looking for and would prefer paid work, if you’re project is compelling I will consider!!

I'm wanting to write scripts or short stories, even little character blurbs. To create character designs/sheets or even help you create your characters.

I can create official artwork for your characters no matter the genre. I do draw NSFW all you gotta do ask (but again no minors, at best i'll do a smooch.)

If you think of anything you don't see here, just hit me up I'm game.