“Do not set things into motion out of needless consideration”

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About Atlas

Hello, the name’s Atlas. I will be seventeen within three weeks, birthday is 12/27. I am not currently looking to receive any form of payment, however as I am accepted into more projects, it would definitely be appreciated. 

Friendly reminder that being a late teenager means that I have a school schedule that cannot be swayed over certain months of the year. Regardless, I am very flexible and a quick worker. I guarantee efficiency and am more than willing to perform multiple takes until the client is satisfied, as it is my job to act as you see fit. Finally, I am very dedicated when assigned to a project. Unless some emergency is stated, I enjoy long term projects that people follow through with. I look forward to working with others to help make their visions and characters come to life. 

What Atlas is looking for

While I also write and edit, I am primarily looking for voice acting work. I do best and have a preference for male, androgynous, or masculine leaning characters, all of which without too deep or low pitch of a voice. Here is a list of tones that I feel I specialize in, not in any specific order:

- Sarcastic 

- Flirty

- Monotone

- Stern

- Irritable

- Teasing

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