hobbiest va/director doing stuff 4 free to build up a portfolio I'm proud of!!

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About Apollo

I do not need to be compensated, this is all to get a good bunch of projects into my slimy little hands! It would be an honor to be able to work on literally any project

Music making is something I can do but definitely needs some work

I currently speak 7ish languages; English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Navajo, and Finnish I'm better at some than others but if in dire need I am willing to pick up a few more 

He/They transmasc who mostly does girly voices

I can not spell for shit (in english at least) so please bare with me!

Oley Valley - 2021

Stem and Video editing

Instructed by Mr.Daniels

He got me interested in video and audio editing, I was top of the class then invited to help him do more promotional work around the school. I learned greensceen, viewer retention, camera angle names and importance,  how to interview correctly, and how to present in the most professional way!

udemy.com - 2023

Sing Like A Pro: The Free Mini Course

Instructed by Katarina Petric

Learned my basic understanding of how to sing better and sound better


Just being able to post clips of said project for a portfolio! Possibly some new friends if that's on the table

What Apollo is looking for

I'm looking for anything in need of voice acting, directing, video/audio editing, small animations, and storyboarding needers, etc etc :3

  • @MrSlugDemon

    Apollo has been very kind and patient. Very good at multitasking and organizing various projects in which he manages. He's very friendly and personable. Even when the stacks go high, he's always kept his friendly smile and helped people to the capacity he could. Very reliable and has a good can do attitude with good exemplary teamwork. Can access people for their talents and help them see things they maybe good at.

  • @psychopiranha

    Apollo manages and voices in a project I am currently in. They are super talented and kind, along with having great teamwork skills, and are always there to lend a hand! Would definitely recommend!