Hi i'm Anouk, i'm a 16 year old art and music fanatic!

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About Anouk

 I really enjoy making art and music myself, i adore animating in 2d and 3d, traditional art and digital art! Since i was very little i have played in musicals, films reclams and series and also voice acted in some! I really love doing it and i also really love singing and playing the drums and the piano!


I don't really mind! I take anything cause i love what i do and i do it mostly for the experience:)

What Anouk is looking for

I'm looking for any projects related to singing, voice acting, acting, character interpretations, script writing, character writing, songwriting, 2d/3d animating, drawing digital/classical and any musical thing related to guitar, piano, keyboard or drums!

  • @louispluspizza

    She voiced 'Rosamonde' in my school project "European Humans" and I have to say she did her job WELL! She can speak different languages with a cute and sweet voice. She even spoke German, which she did in the video! and if that's what you're looking for! She's perfect!Needless to say, I think she helped me get a good grade :D