Alex Simon

Alex Simon

Hi there! Need a character voice actor with a versatile voice and a deep passion for acting, well YOU FOUND ME! My name is Alex and I am an experienced voice actor ready to be your voice partner!

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About Alex Simon

I have brought a wide range of characters to life! From a calm and smooth guy-next-door to a boisterous super villain in a thrilling video game. Need an old dusty adventurer, a quirky sidekick, an evil antagonist with a bellowing laugh, a quick witted hero, a curious teenager, or an unruffled businessman? I will be your partner to deliver the voice you need with passion! No hassle guaranteed!

Check out my demos and client testimonials :)

  • @voiceshowcase

    The voice I needed was very specific; however, Alex not only did it perfectly but also got the lines to me incredibly quickly. He's a pleasure to work with and a talented actor!

  • @mas_

    Excellent talent, friendly to work with, reasonable rates and a quick turnaround. Highly recommend.

  • @billstephenson

    Great sound!!!!

  • @The_Jade_Mountain_Archive

    I had the pleasure to work with Alex Simon as he voiced a character for a rap battle I was putting together (finished product is here: ). Alex was an absolute joy to work with - he responded quickly, took the initiative, and delivered exactly what I was looking for on the first take. You could feel the emotion in his line delivery during both the spoken and sung lines - not an easy feat to accomplish. I would highly recommend Alex for any project you may have in mind!

  • @viola81

    We had the pleasure of working with Alex on our video game project. He went above and beyond to ensure that we got precisely what we were looking for. We highly appreciate his commitment to making our vision a reality. Alex is talented, quick, and professional, and we highly recommend him!