Ally Bernard

Ally Bernard

A Caribbean Native/Beginner in Voice Acting. Young/Adult Female Voice and Minor Creature Noises

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About Ally Bernard

Hello there, I'm Ally from the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean! 

Voice acting has been something I wanted to get into. I'm currently a beginner and honestly I'm up for trying whatever I can. I bring exotic Caribbean flare,  culture, stories/folklore, languages and more even creature calls and noises!

I have been the PRO of a cultural group since 2013 to present (Sibouli Massacre Cultural Group) on my island. Additionally I have been an active member in public speaking and debate/writing clubs within my high school (Convent High) and college (Dominica State). Currently working in insurance first as a Customer Service Representative on the phone and now a Quality Assurance Coach within the company. 

Besides speaking, I do creative writing which includes short stories and poems, I rap as well (the faster the better I love a challenge). I don't write rap but I can spit a written verse for sure! Traditional/Cultural dance is also a big part for my life as well.

Being from the Caribbean and from a not so well known island such as the Nature Isle where I reside would be a good addition. I can bring ideas, I can bring the voice, I can bring the charisma and hard work too!

There's so much to say and little time to say it really. Don't be afraid to contact me!

Insta: @18ambz2 

Dominica State College - 2018

Speech Communication

Instructed by Ashley Massicot

4.0 GPA in course.

Dominica State College - 2018

Critical Thinking

Instructed by Mr. Boyd

Critical thinking class where we took deep dives into writing and visual works of art. 3.0 GPA


I'm willing to do any job really to start. I'm a beginner afterall. Free is fine since I need experience. 

What Ally Bernard is looking for

Id like to work with anyone who is willing to accept a beginner voice actor who brings the voice. Would be a dream to work in a meme filled project to start off but generally up for anything.