Joseph Molina

Joseph Molina

If you are in need of a person with a Wide Vocal Range and can do a diverse range of voices and develop and create his own voices instantly. It would be my undying pleasure to work and fully collaborate with you on your project. If you also need a screen writer or a co writer for your script. 

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About Joseph Molina

Hi, I am Joseph Molina! I carry a soothing bass baritone voice with a Trans-Atlantic Accent often found in old American Hollywood films from the 1950s and 60s suitable for a Warm and approachable Commercial, Audiobook Narration, Affirmations, Sleep Stories, Church Chanting, Singing, Sci-fi, Medieval Fantasy, Gothic Fantasy, Noir, Video Games, Animations, Movies, Movie Trailers, and James Bond type Spy Movies.

Are you in need of a Deep commanding voice? A Princely refined voice to play a Vampire. Epic Action Hero. Or a Hannibal Lector type Serial Killer. A Military commander in your story or are you in need of a Spy Villain just like the James Bond movies with a menacing, dominant, and dark tone? Or Perhaps a Medieval and Sci Fi Fantasy Villain. My versatile wide vocal range from lowest to highest can compliment all of that amazingly.



-Movie Trailers

-Video Trailers

-Explainer Videos

-Commercials & TV


-Video Games (All Genres, Action pack Multiplayer, Single Player Campaign Stories, Spy Film)

-Animations (Superhero, Villain, Anti-Hero, Action Movies, Spy Film)

-Affirmations, Sleep Stories, Audiobooks, Narrations (Youtube Channel for Music)

Udemy - 2024

The Complete Voice Acting & Voice Overs Course

Instructed by Richard Andersone BCA Award-Winning Instructor

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The Complete Voice Acting & Voice Overs Course      Reference Number: 0004

Instructors Richard Andersone BCA

Jose Javier Molina 

Date Jan. 5, 2024

Lenth 1 Total hour 

Priority Talent Agency - 2024

Private Coaching

Instructed by Adam D. Bullock



I do both Paid and Unpaid work. 

What Joseph Molina is looking for

I work on voice acting for Characters in Audio Dramas, Video Games, Animations, Animated Dubs, and Audiobook Narrations because I want people to identify with characters they can relate to, sympathize, and not feel like they are the only ones in the world suffering what they are suffering because they have an Iconic character to represent them on screen.