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About Moonghost

I’m pretty much an amateur voice actor and a amateur video editor, I mostly do this stuff for fun. I do have a hope of potentially doing those things as a profession someday, but only if my skills really reach that level.

Hopefully I can increase my range/skills with training and practice, but that’s a goal in the long run.

So at the moment, my skills are free (unless I’m accepted for a paid role/project ). I’m mostly looking at projects which are seeking amateurs, as that’s pretty much my skill level for now. Gotta start somewhere!

Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Joe Goffeney

Taking this course was 100% worth it. I learned a lot of things about voice acting and it's community, Voice Acting 101 had such a welcoming atmosphere from start to finish. Thank you so much Joe and Burger I will be internally grateful for all you did.

Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter