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About This Character

Example lines said by Zero Suit Samus:
  • Link! If you charge in there with out a plan again. I will personally ruin your life!!
  • Right, so Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu you guys will storm the front entrance while I, Fox,Falcon and Luigi Sneak in and take control of the base defences.... Speaking of, where is that idiot Luigi?..... (Luigi is hiding in the bushes and Samus throws a glass bottle at him) God Damn it show some spine!
  • (proud)If you thought you could out strategize me then you are in for a surprise. You have no where left to run and I still have my most powerful attack ... ZERO BEAM!
  • Huh? What is that?
  • There's my suit...
  • You're going down.
  • Hey Chancellor you need to wake up or you will miss the bus again
  • sleepy head you can borrow my book but make sure you return it, OR ELSE (or else must be said with harsh voice)
  • hey Lizzy why do you keep attacking chancellor So Much?
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