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About This Character

Example lines said by Yusuke Yoshino:
  • If you want us to pay the cost of repairs, we're fine with paying it. But you know... someday I'd like you to one day look back on this and think. About whether or not this electrician was lying... Although you should do that in a place where you feel comfortable with. That's right, next to the one you love!
  • I'm out of time. Besides, you're young. You should be full of energy, right?
  • This your first time working? Then, don't push yourself. No matter what work there is, this much is normal.
  • *dramatic* No, I don't admit anything. I just want one thing, man. I want you and your friend here to think about what I said someday in the very near future: If what the electrician told you that day was true, or was it false? Think about it in your place of rest beside the one you love.
  • *calm* I'll say it again - I did not drop any tool on your car. If I did, I would never cover it up.
  • If you want me pay for repairs, I'll do it.
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