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About This Character

Example lines said by Yuno Gasai / Second:
  • My diary is the Yukiteru Diary. I can read your future every ten minutes. A future diary of love...
  • He has a future diary, too. No matter where we go, it won't matter. It feels better to be out in the open, right?
  • Don't worry, Yuki. Yuno will protect you.
  • M...My name is Yuno Gasai
  • StupidYou chose me over your very own perfect world. Why would you do such a thing?!
  • (Sadistic) I really am jealous. Fine; Ill just kill you as a family.
  • (Quiet) Am I the bad guy here? Is what Im doing wrong?
  • *yandere like* Don't worry Yuki...Yuno's here to protect you.
  • See this right here? It's my Yukiteru Diary also known as the Diary of Future Love. I use it to keep tabs on my sweetheart for every ten minutes. *giggles*
  • *about to go insane* They made a liar out of me...I told Yuki...that they're all his friends... *voice breaking* those bastards...how can they rat my sweetheart out? *whispery* You all deserve to die. *angry* DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE!!!!!!!!!!
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