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About This Character

Example lines said by Yukine Miyazawa:
  • Ah... we haven't introduced each other yet. I'm Miyazawa Yukine. Yukine, as in 'yu' from 'yushuu no mi' (perfect beauty), 'ki' from 'nijuu no seiki' (20th century), and 'ne' from 'teinei' (polite).
  • So you don't want to dance? That's a pity...
  • If it's alright with you, may I ask what's your name? I won't forget it.
  • *gently* Oh, welcome! Is anything wrong today? Or perhaps maybe I can serve either of you something?
  • I'll make some right away. Please have a seat over there. Here you go.
  • *crying/struggling to fight* Ugh! Ugh!!
  • Hey, like my van?
  • Hey, Like candy?
  • Youkoso waga my white van e!
  • Welcome!
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