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About This Character

Example lines said by Yukina:
  • I'm sorry, but I'm already seeing John Cena. His generic rap battles with stale rhyme schemes won me over.
  • Kuwabara, I love you and all, but I just don't want to eat Slim Jims every night.
  • Its been quiet since Genkai passed....I'm greatful for letting me stay with you, but Botan and I are taking care of the temple. Thank you Kazuma
  • *quietly, nervously* Botan, it'll be okay. Look, I'll make tea for us, okay? It'll be fine, I promise! He'll stop soon!
  • *happy* Hello my little bird friends! Yes, I know, you're all happy its feeding time, aren't you?
  • *angry* Ivy, are you serious? Hiei's my brother? And all this time, he never told me? Who else knew?
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