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About This Character

Example lines said by Yuj:
  • When's the wedding, lover-boy?
  • So, Snow..You're a Pulse l'Cie now, huh?
  • So Snow. You're a Pulse L'Cie now, huh?
  • So why didn't you tell us? Why the heck didn't you come and find us?!
  • The army's no match for Nora!
  • Your cat is quite the conversationalist after some tequila and shrooms.
  • I woke up to find out I googled Twilight Eclipse trailer. So either drunk me doesn't know that I'm straight, or sober me doesn't know that I'm gay.
  • I'm going to come in a little late this morning... There's no heterosexual way to say this... $1 flip-flop sale at Old Nav
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