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About This Character

Example lines said by Yui:
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  • (Casual, cutesy) Oh yeah Im not really a person, Im just an AI computer program, so I dont age!
  • (Angry, words in caps should be loud and shrill) Well maybe if you TOOK THE SLIGHTEST INTEREST IN MY LIFE!
  • (Happily) I can't see the color green!
  • Mamma?... Papa?
  • Asuna... Kiito
  • I Remember who I am now...
  • The version of the cardinal system operating ALO isn't a stripped down version like the ones in most VMMO's, it's a copy of the full-spec version from Sword Art Online. (Explaining, level-headed, hypothesizing)
  • Stun attack coming in five...four...three...two...one! (In the middle of combat, worried)
  • (Again, pick a monologue of any length and style. Your choice.)
  • I want to stay with you forever..
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